Rev. Peter Aguilar  - Pastor

Rev. Peter Aguilar  - Pastor

Peter’s Ponderings

Greetings! This is my first article of our weekly communication. Communication is biblical. All of Paul’s letters to the churches were circulated amongst themselves. For example, the letter to the Corinthians was circulated to the Ephesians, Romans, Thessalonians, Philippians, and so on. Communication was and remains important. So, we begin. 

I have enjoyed the community and culture of Mason, Texas USA. It suits me personally. Your hospitality and kindness continue to produce dividends in my life. Thank you!

One of the issues that I have had to participate in is the new automated security system. It is a security system that is keyless, except when there is an emergency. We want this system to be as seamless as possible so that the membership has access while making it safe for all. The Trustees and office staff have been faithful in ironing out the details so that everybody can be satisfied. It is a labor of love in process. Keep us in prayer.

I’m still learning names and faces. We continue to learn to love one another as Christ loves us. See you Sunday!

Faithfully yours,
Pastor Peter


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