Rev. Colleen Haley  - Pastor

The purpose and objective of the United Methodist Men

224 Broad Street / P.O. Box 178  Mason, Tx. 76856

Phone: 325-347-5105


The United Methodist Men exist to declare the centrality of Christ in every man's life.  This men's ministry leads to the spiritual growth of men and to effective discipleship.

This purpose is served as men are called to model the servant leadership of Jesus Christ.
Individual and group strategies form the foundation of United Methodist

Men's ministry and include the following:

  • Enhance evangelism, mission and spiritual life, as men become servant leaders.
  • Advocate programs that train men within local churches to promote specific ministries including prayer, missions, stewardship, hunger relief, and civic/youth serving ministries.
  • Forge pastoral partnerships by men committed to the effective support and service of clergy and local congregations.
  • Assist men in their ever-changing relationships, roles and responsibilities in the family setting, workplace and society.

The United Methodist Men subscribe to these major strategies and personal objectives:

  • To engage in daily Bible study and prayer.
  • To be a witness to Christ's way in daily work and in all personal contacts through words and action.
  • To engage in Christian service.

The Mason United Methodist Men accomplishes the above goals through the following activities:

Monthly Fellowship Breakfasts
Monthly breakfasts are held on the second Wednesday of each month.  These breakfasts include a devotional, a short business meeting and fellowship.  They are open to the community and are attended by several members from other denominations.

Community Service Projects
The Group undertakes home repair and maintenance projects for those in need or physically unable and maintains a Project Fund to underwrite the costs involved.

Financial Assistance
Our Methodist Men also maintains a Utilities Fund and works in coordination with the City offices for families needing financial assistance with their utility bills.  They also support activities such as the Boy Scouts, Strength for Serve, etc.